Connecting through Twitter


(photo credit: @aospiderfan)

Throughout my years of actively using Twitter I have connected with many people from different fields of work and lifestyles. This is the main reason why I absolutely love this social media application. There is no social media platform quite like Twitter where I can connect with people instantly and learn so much about them in such short time. Twitter is not a profile like Facebook or LinkedIn, rather yet it is a constant feed of a person’s interests and opinions which is way more interesting to engage in.

My recent music obsession has been with an artist called Sam Smith. He is a British singer-songwriter that has a hit song in the U.S. called “Latch”. He is quite new here but has been topping the charts in UK and other countries throughout Europe. I loved this song so much that I decided to tweet about it and reach out to him.


Having Sam Smith favorite one of my tweets was pretty exciting! But wait, there is more….

I was watching one of the music videos where Sam Smith was featured in called “La La La” by Naughty Boy. This music video has around 253 million views. The music video was well made and had a touching story to it. As a social media geek, I researched for more information about the making of this video and the meaning behind it. When I listen to music or watch music videos I admire everyone who works behind the scenes to create the final creation. There is an actor in the music video that was called “The Cement Man” who had many roles in T.V. and Theater but has stayed poor surviving. Having this role was important to him and he was very touched when the crew applauded at the end of the shoot. Therefore, I reached out to the director of the music video (@IanPonsJewell) and showed my support. Interestingly enough, he responded and I found out that he was nominated for a BRIT Award for “Best Video of the Year” category and he formed a hashtag (#BritsNaughtyBoy) to gain support for the video.

Thanks to Michael Brito’s MCOM139 class at San Jose State University, using a dot before the mention means that all of my followers would also be able to see the tweet. This example is just a snippet of reaching out to people like directors and artists who are far away and be able to connect with them through Twitter.



I have had many other interactions with authors, writers, bloggers, activists, yogis, businessmen and businesswomen and students my age who all have something to say about news, projects, or anything current in their life. Twitter is more than a social media tool but a way of connecting to people in different parts of the world and learning about music, art, business, social media, sports, fashion, food, and so much more. Plus I have gained 97 new followers in the past 3 weeks through interacting and connecting with followers and people in different fields!

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