Standing Out in a Pile of Content


(Photo Credit: @esalesdata via Flickr)

There is a mass amount of content being shared each minute of the day and consumers selectively decide which content is worth their time and effort to share.

What content is “tweet worthy” or “Facebook wall worthy” is entirely up to the consumer. Content needs to be able to relate to the consumer and create an impact on them to make them say “wow, I need to share this and let others know because I understand the essence of this article!”  Content needs to be able to have a “human connection” touch in order for consumers to share it.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, “The Human Connection in a Digital World”, Danny Chan discusses the importance of human connection in an environment filled with emerging technology applications.

“The most interesting challenge that marketers now face is not how to best tackle specific social media platforms or how best to leverage the technologies we have, but how best to be as human as possible on the web.” – Danny Chan

With the rising amount of Twitter and Facebook users per day it is hard to keep up with all the content there is. However, we do have control on the quality of content we decide to share.

So next time when writing a blog post or sharing content ask the questions:

  • Why should people care?
  • How will this impact others?
  • Does this have the “human connection” touch?

A reason why I love social media is because we can connect with people throughout the world at a second’s notice and be able to share stories and news that carry great emotion and depth. It is within the content that is essential to understanding how social media works.


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