Using Social Media to find Internships


(Photo Credit: @CorporateTraveller via Flickr)

Twitter and LinkedIn have helped me tremendously to explore businesses of all sizes that are hiring interns for this Summer 2014.

In addition to having some great help from twitter users like @InternQueen and @InternSushi, businesses have been posting tweets and LinkedIn posts about open positions the past few months.

According to a Mashable article “LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media”, Kurt Wagner says

“Roughly 81% of SMBs  are using social media, according to a LinkedIn study released Thursday, and of those that use social, 94% do so for marketing purposes.”

With the increase of SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) using social media for marketing purposes it is easier to research what companies are currently working on and where their focus is. Gathering information through Twitter or LinkedIn makes me feel confident about understanding media trends or discussing future trends.

Last week in my MCOM139 class I learned how to polish up a LinkedIn profile by keeping it organized and consistently updated. Even though I have accomplished a few projects throughout my career path I am finding that I have many skills that can be endorsed and future projects that I can put in my LinkedIn as well. A huge part that I am working on my LinkedIn profile is inserting a few recommendations from professors and colleagues. With all the consistent updates I’m sure to have my LinkedIn shine for any future career paths!

Ever since using the tools of social media to my advantage of searching for internships, I have discovered many career opportunities and been able to connect with companies about any questions I may have about the company or application process.

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