Balancing Social Media apps is an Art Form


The big question is how can you keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more on a daily basis?

There are 415 top Social Media apps available worldwide and there are only a few apps that can be maintained by a user on a daily basis. The way to be updated with all your favorite social media apps daily is to make time to be organized.


  • Prioritize– Which social media apps is of more value to you? Rank the apps based on how much time you spend on each of them. For me it would be (1.Twitter 2. Instagram 3.Facebook 4.LinkedIn) (P.S. If you still are not sure about the ranking of your social media use, Unlock your phone and see where your thumbs take you first!)
  • Schedule Posts– If you are planning on doing a post for the day or for the next few days take time out of your schedule to sit down and organize all posts and what time they should be delivered. For more information on what time posts should be delivered, read my first blog post “Waiting for the right moment”.
  • Respond to mentions and feedback– It is exciting to see the engagement throughout all social media apps and this should be given some valuable time. I would say respond to mentions and feedback at least twice a day.
  • Hootsuite– This app has cut down my twitter usage by 40% a day. The website allows me to have multiple sections open to access: mentions, twitter feed, certain hashtags, and trends. I can view and update and schedule tweets within a few minutes. Lastly, you can view multiple social media accounts at the same time! Very convenient.

This may sound like it takes a lot of effort and time and it does! In case you are wondering how to keep up with social media in a “Real-time platform”

It takes a bit of organizing, prioritizing, and responding to posts and information in social media apps in order to maintain them successfully!


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