Live Tweeting About T.V. Shows


I always catch the new episodes of Shark Tank every Friday. I absolutely love the cast of the show but I love seeing what new inventive product or service people have come up with! Like most shows nowadays, there is a hashtag that is displayed on the bottom right of the screen which contains the live feed of what people say about the show. Shark Tank’s hashtag: #SharkTank

For shark tank, some of the cast members tweet using #SharkTank. 

For example: Kevin O’ Leary (a.k.a Mr. Wonderful) 



For every new innovation that was shown on shark tank, there were around 50-70 tweets. Twitter users were either encouraging or stated bluntly that the product or service would not work out. The users that tweeted about Shark Tank were interested in innovation, business, and entrepreneurial skills. The theme of the last episode of shark tank was “young entrepreneurs”. The ages of the innovators varied from seven to sixteen-years-old. 

I tweeted about my shock of the age of one entrepreneur of the “Define Bottle”. 




There were a few more conversations that I had with other live tweeters. One of them was fed up with how much time commercials had taken up. Another tweeted very quickly about each shark tank contestant with the proper use of hashtags. 




T.V.shows and Live Tweeting is the perfect combo to generate media buzz! Twitter users enjoy watching certain shows and definitely have an opinion for them. #MatchMadeInHeaven. 



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