Using Social Media through Spring Break


Spring Break is about relaxing and enjoying your time spent with family, friends, or just yourself. I found myself using less social media while on spring break because of how much I enjoyed relaxing my mind and not thinking about constant live feeds.

It takes some energy to look through new articles on twitter or even just figure out what filters to use to post the next Instagram picture! 

However, I did use apps in order to discover new bars, restaurants and events to attend to this Spring Break. Yelp is very helpful when it came to bar hopping since it shows a map as to the closest bars, restaurants, clubs, and which ones are highly rated. 

I went to a Mexican vegan restaurant called “Gracias Madre”. I know vegan Mexican food is unheard of however, it was the best vegan food I have ever had! Instead of sour cream they use cashew cream which tasted even better to me! Considering that this restaurant is on Mission Street, my friend opened yelp to find the nearest bars that was not too crowded and had no cover charge. 

Yelp, handled this task by filtering the prices and top reviewed bars. Also, there were directions and photos as a bonus to better inform you of what was inside the club. 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were next on the list to use after Yelp on my days making the most of Spring Break. 


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