Relax, You are definitely being productive with Social Media!


As much as I love using all my social media apps I found myself using less of it throughout my Spring Break. However, now that I am back on a routine with projects due left and right and I find myself being on my phone more than I have before. Why? I want to be productive of every minute of the day! 

People in a routine or a busy schedule do find ease in browsing social media. There is something about always staying productive within every minute within the day by searching Facebook, Tweeting, etc. However, during breaks people choose to enjoy every live moment of a vacation and maybe capture some through social media. 

Social Media has the power to make us feel that we are productive with our lives at any given moment. That is CORRECT! 

There is so much that can be done behind the screen of a laptop of phone because of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Yelp, Snapchat, Foursquare, LinkedIn and so much more! 


So don’t be too harsh on yourself for using social media too much! You really are being productive. Use it wisely! 


Here is an example of what tools can be helpful to monitor all social media apps- 


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