Tips on using Twitter Hashtags


Some people love to #hashtag their tweets with a little too many #hashtags about their #brands which can completely turn a consumer away from their #tweet. It is unnecessary to put more than two hashtags within one tweet!

In my Social Media Strategy class I learned that tweets should be short, sweet, and simple. 

There needs to be at least 13 characters left over and one hashtag that can be used toward the end of the tweet or the beginning. 

I have noticed that I most likely skim over tweets that have more than two hashtags because it gets tough to read and I prefer to read only one short line. Instagram tends to use hashtags however, there are people who use more than 20 hashtags per Instagram picture.

Too many words create no value within the content.

 Hashtags should be used in a strategic manner that sounds catchy but can be used universally to create a common feed among all consumers. 


Did you know…


“10 Surprising New Twitter Stats to Help You Reach More Followers”, Belle Beth Cooper explains some helpful tips as to maintaining engaging tweets and what not to do when tweeting! Great advice!


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