Changing the way I use Facebook


The evolution of the way I have used Facebook.. 

Originally, I used Facebook as a way to talk and connect with every single person I knew from school, work and family. It was great to figure out what they were currently doing. Since I am a PR major, I have been interested in trends and what people talk about. My friends would be talking about certain upcoming events, or even activities to do locally. It is because of Facebook I found out about what restaurants to go to locally, concerts to attend, and activities to pursue.  

Nowadays, I only use Facebook as a form of keeping in touch with family members and a few friends. I do not use it as a form of networking but I plan to. I am learning how to use it in a professional way through my Social Media Strategy class and I am practicing it. My family and friends are always talking about my recent post or picture and it is pretty crazy to have that many pairs of eyes that personally know me judge me based on what I write. There is a difference between the public eyes and personal eyes that talk about my content. Considering I know my audience of my Facebook posts it is different than what I write for Twitter or Instagram. 



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