For The Love Of Social Media And Food


 Yes, I am so happy that there is finally a new food movie that is out this Summer 2014! I am a huge fan of food movies and always have been. I just watched the movie “Chef”, starring Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony and savored every minute of it. 

These stars did an amazing job. I have always adored Jon Favreau as an actor and I felt that he was perfect to play the “passionate chef”. The 11-year-old actor, Emjay Anthony, was amazing to play a role of the tech savy son who incorporates tweets, vines, and videos to spread the word of his journey and love of food. Everyone knows that the best way to figure out where to go next to eat and what food is recommended is through Social Media! 


 Pretty funny to watch how Favreau learns the ins and outs of social media apps like Twitter and Vine. 


Back to the food…. I loved hearing the crunch, sizzle, yelling in the kitchen. It was comforting and fabulous! If you are a true foodie like I am then you may just feel the same warmth I did when watching this movie! 

So check out the #ChefMovie when you get a chance! It is worth watching on the big screen 🙂 


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